Fish species and information.

Just hang up the "Gone Fishin" sign and wander down to your own private lake where you don’t have to worry that your favourite fishing spot is already taken. Lakeview offers outstanding fishing for Rainbow Trout, Australian Bass, Silver Perch or the odd legendary Murray Cod.

With the pristine water and its own balanced eco system the lake provides the fish with an abundance of natural food such as freshwater shrimp and bait fish, so no need to feed the fish artificially which equals more time for fishing!

Traditionally all fishing at Lakeview has been on a catch and release basis ensuring that the fish mature to a  "challenging" size. All fish respond well to live bait, lures or fly fishing with Australian Bass giving you the best run and during the warmer months the leaping antics of the Trout will be sure to entertain you from the sundeck.