Garden Info

With views looking out to the Kinglake ranges the garden flows around the banks of an 8-acre man made lake.

The garden consists of approximately 5 acres of sprawling lawns encircling the southern end of the lake, which are irrigated year round by more than 200 commercial pop up sprinklers fed from the lake.

The main driveway is lined with Black Locust Robinia trees under planted with over 100 flowering Camellia's and over 120 shaped Golden Diosma’s leading to the main house from the main entrance.

A pleasant 2 km walk (approx) around the lake takes you through an avenue of juvenile Gleditsias interspersed with Weeping Willows along the waters edge.

Approaching the home from the lake walk you will find a stand of Liquid Ambers which were planted by the previous landowners over 40 years ago.

Over the past 20 years 10 Canary Island Date Palms of varying sizes have been painstakingly added to give the property a more “arid tropical” feel.

In order to add a boost of colour to the garden over 200 roses (mostly standards) have been added around the garden along with a central "rose" rock garden located at the 2nd car park (main car park).

Facts for the Blokes; The irrigation for the property is carried out by a 4 cylinder diesel pump which is capable of pushing some 170,000 litres of water per hour! There is approximately 7 kilometres of irrigation pipe underground (polypipe), with approximately 300 sprinkler outlets across the property, even topping up our neighbours swimming pool over 2 kilometres away. The lake is stocked with Australian Bass, Silver Perch and Rainbow Trout which live on baitfish and freshwater shrimp, there is no artificial feeding carried out and at its deepest point is over 10 metres.